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A-1: Stewart Coffin --- Interrupted Slide; length-6 pieces
A-2: Stewart Coffin --- Interrupted Slide; length-8 pieces, summary information only
A-3: Stewart Coffin --- Triple Slide
A-4: Stewart Coffin --- Coffin's Improved Burr, subassembly analysis included
A-5: continued
A-6: Bill's Baffling Burr
A-7: Bill's Baffling Burr --- external holes allowed (partial)
A-8: Bill Cutler --- BB43-143M-1
A-9: Bill's Ball Bearing Burr
A-10: Bill Cutler --- Impossible Second Move
A-11: Phillippe Dubois --- Gaby Games
A-12: Victor Goedicke --- Second Design
A-13: Bruce Love #1 --- list of states included (partial)
A-14: continued
A-15: continued
A-16: Bruce Love Model
A-17: Bruce Love B-4 --- length-8 pieces
A-18: Derwin Brown #23
A-19: William Meek --- Twist Burr -- pictures of all assemblies
A-20: R. von Randow --- variation of bbb
A-21: Jean Mourik --- (partial output)
A-22: Richard Korsmeyer --- variation of Gaby Games (partial)
A-23: Peter Marineau Burr `B' --- subassembly analysis and list of states
A-24: continued
A-25: continued
A-26: continued
A-27: L. Edward Hordern --- variation of Marineau (partial)
A-28: continued

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