A Computer Analysis of All 6-Piece Burrs
by Bill Cutler
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6-Piece Burr Analyses
I. Overview of 6-Piece Burr Analyses
  A. Introduction
  B. Solid Analyses
  C. Computers & Burr-Disassembly Programs
  D. NOTC - Notchable, Holey Analysis
  E. HB6 - General, Holey Analysis
  F. Computer Time & the Four-Color Problem
  G. Availability of Computer Results
II. The Pieces
III. Constructing the Assemblies
  A. Symmetry of Assemblies
  B. Choice of Construction Method
  C. The Basic Logic
  D. The 534 Cases
  E. The Remaining Cases
IV. Analyzing Assemblies for Take-Apart
  A. The GENDA Program
  B. Analyzing Movement in One Direction
  C. The FDA Program
  D. The LL Format
V. Testing for Uniqueness and Complete Disassembly
  A. Analysis of Interesting Assemblies
  B. Apart-Codes
  C. The AF Format
VI. Cataloging Different Take-Apart Methods
VII. Is there Anything Else to do?
  A. Standard Pieces, Standard Moves
  B. Standard Pieces, Non-Standard Moves
  C. Non-Standard Pieces
VIII. Examples

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