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Blockhead - 1986 Hikimi Grand Prize winner $80 Discontinued
Square Fit - ThinkFun plastic version of Blockhead $25 Available now
Stark Raving Cubes - ISHI version of Blockhead marketed in the U.S. $40 Available now
Splitting Headache - (IPP11) checkerboard cube $30 Available now
Boxed Box - my best mathematical puzzle design $160 (subject to change) No current plans
Parcel Post (JM) - copy of an old design - made by Jerry McFarland $100 Available now
Parcel Post - copy of an old design - made by John Devost $120 Available now
Cutler's Dilemma II - simplified, 15-piece version $160 Discontinued
Cutler's Dilemma - original 23-piece version   Discontinued
Melting Block - a paradox from Tom O'Beirne $50 Discontinued
Bermuda Hexagon - Hikimi 3rd Prize winner in 1992 $80 Order from Tom Lensch
Bill's Checkerbox - checkered pentominoes into a 3x4x5 box $60 Order from Tom Lensch
Squash(ed) Box - available from Tom Lensch $100 Order from Tom Lensch
3-Piece Blockhead - (IPP15) Souvenir Puzzle   Discontinued
4-Play - (IPP16) a 4-dimensional packing puzzle? $30 Discontinued

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