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To place an order, reserve a puzzle, or be placed on the waiting list for a puzzle, e-mail us at:

Or write us at:

Bill Cutler
405 E. Balsam Ln.
Palatine, IL 60074

Most of the puzzles sold by Bill Cutler Puzzles, Inc. are made by Jerry McFarland. Jerry has been making high-quality wooden burr puzzles for 25 years. This is a small second business for both of us.

Puzzle supply is very limited; availability can change quickly. Check puzzle availability on the attached pages. The information on these pages will be updated frequently to reflect puzzles on hand. Puzzle Availability information last updated: October 21st, 2017. If a puzzle you want is listed as not available, e-mail us and you will be put on a waiting list. You will be informed when the puzzle becomes available again. Be aware, however, that many of the puzzles are only made once every 2 or 3 years or longer.

Payment Options

Postage charge: For any size order within the U.S., add $10. For overseas orders of one or two puzzles, add $15. For larger overseas orders, e-mail us for appropriate charges. All packages are sent by air mail.

Payment can be made by check, cash, or Paypal. For Paypal orders, please add 3% (domestic) or 4% (foreign) to cover their service charge.

Sorry, we do not take credit cards.

For foreign orders, the following additional options are available:
(1) Payment in Euro cash is accepted
(2) Western Union wire transfer
(3) Payment by International Money Order in US$

Price Information

Prices are subject to change. Puzzles listed as "Available Now" show current prices. Most other puzzles show the latest price charged. Since, in some cases, the puzzle has not been made in 5 years or longer, the price can be significantly out-of-date. We will try and update the prices when there are plans to make the puzzle again. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes our customers.

When Jerry makes a new batch of a puzzle he has made before, he usually makes improvements to the quality of the puzzle.

If you have any questions about the availability or price of a particular puzzle, please e-mail us.

Waiting List

If you are interested in buying a puzzle that is not currently available, send us an e-mail and your name will be added to the Waiting List. You will be notified when the puzzle becomes available. The price is not guaranteed. When the puzzle does become available, the price may be higher. We will try and 'grandfather in' minor price increases, but in many instances the price increase is too much for this to be possible. There is no requirement to buy the puzzle once it becomes available. If for any reason you do not want the puzzle when it becomes available, that is OK.

If your e-mail changes during the time you are on the Waiting List, please inform us of the change so we can keep our information up-to-date.

Special Order

The puzzles made with hexagonal rods are made by Bill Cutler. These include Hybrid, Hectix Revisited and Hexagonal Porcupine. There are wood choices for some of these puzzles. There is also a difficulty level option for the Hexagonal Porcupine.

If you are interested in one of these puzzles send us an email.

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