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Miscellaneous Puzzles
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Puzzle Name: CCC-1: A Coffin/Cutler Collaboration
Type: Miscellaneous Puzzle
Number of Pieces: 5
Design By: Stewart Coffin and Bill Cutler (2015)
Made By: Stewart Coffin
Material: wood
Size: 3.5 inches
Availability: Available now
Price: $35
CCC-1 is a redesign of Stewart Coffin's design #177-A, called Five Woods. In 2014, Rob Stegmann found an 'unwanted' solution to the original design. Not a mathematically correct solution, but one that was close enough to spur Stewart to modify the design. He tried perhaps a hundred different piece combinations with 5 pieces and a total of 25 squares.

Stewart enlisted my aid in trying to find unwanted solutions to ones he thought might be free of them. I obliged with my 'throw-and-jiggle' program, which was quite adept at finding alternate solutions.

CCC-1 is the one we chose as the best.

This was my souvenir puzzle at the 35th International Puzzle Party.

Miscellaneous Puzzles
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