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Puzzle Name: Cutler's Dilemma II
Type: Box-Filling Puzzle
Number of Pieces: 15
Design By: Bill Cutler (1995)
Made By: John Devost
Material: walnut and cherry
Size: 5 inches
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $160
The revised version of Cutler's Dilemma simplifies the puzzle. The basic design is a 15-piece puzzle; the original version cut some of the pieces into smaller blocks, but it proved to be much too hard. Cutler's Dilemma II returns the design to its basic version.

John Devost's model has a 3-sided box and cover made from walnut. The top and bottom pieces are dovetailed to the sides for expansion/contraction. The pieces and slipfeathers are cherry.

The bottom picture shows an 'almost' solution. Everything fits except for a piece on the top - the 20x20 square does not fit into a 23x19 opening. Squeezing that last unit in is the problem!

Box-Filling Puzzles
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