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Rectilinear Burrs
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Puzzle Name: Wausau '81
Type: Rectilinear Burr
Number of Pieces: 12
Design By: Bill Cutler (1981)
Made By: Jerry McFarland
Material: Maple, Walnut and Cherry
Size: 4 inches
Availability: Available later in 2017
Price: $85
I had always been interested in designing burr puzzles which are difficult to take apart. The burr shapes I had used to this point all had the same symmetry as the 6-piece burr or the 24-piece burr - mathematically there are 24 symmetries to these shapes. However, keeping all these symmetries and creating a new shape resulted in burrs with lots of pieces.

Starting with the Wausau'81 burr, I experimented with shapes which had different 'patterns' of rods along the 3 axes.

Wausau'81 has 12 pieces and is non-trivial to take apart.

Rectilinear Burrs
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