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Non-Rectilinear Burrs
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Puzzle Name: Hectix Revisited
Type: Non-Rectilinear Burr
Number of Pieces: 12
Design By: Bill Cutler (2009)
Made By: Bill Cutler
Material: Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Red Oak
Size: 4 inches
Availability: Make Special Order
Price: $80
In response to occasional requests for the Hectix puzzle, we are now making a new version of this puzzle. We went looking for the most difficult and interesting version of this interlocking burr. We looked for a set of pieces satisfying the following:

1 - Use as many different pieces as possible
2 - Only one solution
3 - Many assemblies
4 - As difficult to disassemble as possible

Hectix Revisited is the result.

Non-Rectilinear Burrs
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